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 +====== Usman Baba Pategi (Samanja) ======
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 +**Occupation** [[:​cast_and_crew?​dataflt=occupation%3DActor|Actor]]
 +Mallam Usman Baba Pategi (Samanja) is a popular Hausa writer and actor from Northern Nigeria. Pategi, a prince of Pategi in Niger State was popular for living the lead role of Samanja in the long rested national television series, Samanja. After starring in Yusuf'​s Ladan'​s 'Zaman Duniya Iyawa Ne', Pategi went on to have a starring vehicle in Samanja which means sergeant-major. The play center'​s around his character'​s antics and mixes comedy and drama to entertain the audience. The show's setting is a barrack and illustrates various situations and escapes of Pategi'​s character in the barracks. The show gained popularity and Pategi'​s character'​s verbal style changed from Hausa and '​soldier speak',​ a mixed English and Hausa language to pidgin. ((http://​​wiki/​Samanja_Mazan_Fama))
 +The 70 years old actor was suffering from a glaucoma ailment that he could hardly walk unassisted until business mogul and Chairman of Dangote Plc Alhaji Aliko Dangote has accepted to foot the medical bills of the veteran actor ((http://​​news/​10956/​33/​help-from-dangote-for-samanja.html))
 +A seasoned Hausa film Actor that begun his carrier since 1997 with an epic film full with culture and indigenous content (Original Idea) titled Zarge. Due to his humility he garnered a lot of respect from both viewers and the film practitioners;​ he was given an adage "Ya Sayyadi"​ meaning The Leader. He has featured in more than thirty films and Home Videos, and recently delved into producing his own stories that are enjoying good fellowship from audience. Nura now, an actor and a producer. Bio from [[http://​​index.php/​en/​81-hotnews/​super-stars/​96-nura-hussain|afrikhausaTV]]
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