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 +====== Aisha Abubakar Usman ======
 +<WRAP box 200px left>
 +{{ :​actress:​aisha-abubakar-usman.jpg?​128 }} \\ **Born** Aisha Abubakar Usmann \\ **Occupation** Actress
 +Aisha Abubakar Usman is only a year old in Kannywood, but the 21 year-old ebony beauty has featured in more than 30 successful movies, some of which are “Blackberry,​” “Acuci Maza” and “Ibro Maciji.” But acting was not her first choice as she was into singing before venturing into acting. She studied Civil Law from the College of Islamic and Legal Studies, Kano. - via [[http://​​new/​2013/​06/​28/​my-dream-is-to-become-a-lawyer-aisha-abubakar-usman/​|Blueprint Newspaper interview with Aliyu Askira]].
 +===== Links =====
 +  * [[http://​​q=node/​643|Kannywood:​ Da Izinin Iyayena Na Fara Shirin Fim —Aisha]]
 +  * [[http://​​new/​2013/​06/​28/​my-dream-is-to-become-a-lawyer-aisha-abubakar-usman/​|My dream is to become a lawyer – Aisha Abubakar Usman]]
 +  * [[http://​​najeriya/​20140720-tattaunawa-da-sadiq-sani-sadiq|Hirar Sadiq Sani Sadiq da Aisha Abubakar tare da RFI Hausa / Aisha Abubakar audio interview with RFI Hausa]] - LAHADI/​Monday 20 YULI/July 2014
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