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Maryam Abdullahi

Born Maryam Abdullahi
Occupation Hausa and Nollywood Actress, Businesswoman

Maryam Abdullahi has played different roles in many movies in Hausa language in Lagos. The Business Administration graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, spoke on her acting career, business and other issues with Daily Trust

How did you become an actress and why?

Maryam Abdullahi: I started business and later went into acting. I started acting little by little with some of my friends. In a nutshell, I started following my friends to film locations and was later invited to participate. I was given a role to play and I played it very well, so the director was delighted. That was how I became an actress. I started nursing the ambition right from my childhood. I used to watch films and TV drama when I was in primary school. And I became addicted to it, to the extent that watching films became my first hobby in life. So when I came to Lagos, I met some people who were into film and I joined them. To me, it is a way of educating and entertaining people. So I want to educate people through movies; that is why I have some role models in Nollywood, Kannywood and Hollywood.

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