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Bello Habeeb Galadanchi

Born December 12, 1987
Occupation Director, Writer, Journalist, Producer

Bello was born in State College, Pennsylvania on December 12, 1987 to Udvar and Sadrin Galadanchi. After birth, he spent his childhood and early adolescence with his family in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, where he attended school with his siblings. Throughout his time in Africa, Bello worked a variety of jobs, including street food vending, construction, and helping run his father's medical practice. One of his first jobs was the fabrication and sale of handmade footwear such as rope sandals and a special type of sabot heel native to Nigeria called a “kumazie.” Upon matriculation in 2006, his parents offered him education back in the United States, where Bello attended The Pennsylvania State University as a Bioengineering and Classical History double major and Film Studies and African Studies minors. Considered a gifted young man, he matriculated from university in 2009 with two degrees and two minor certificates and immediately entered the film industry, producing such short films as Charles in Arms, Unknowing Separation, Water for Baby, and Taken by Storm. His first film projects were prompted by various contests and promotional programs and soon became well-known to his former university circles. In late 2011, Bello received a grant from the Nigerian Film Festival and Nollywood, to produce various political films for the Nigerian government. It was this opportunity that lend itself to Bello's fame in that the new funding allowed him to make films in Pennsylvania and become more noticed. When not filmmaking, Bello spends his time volunteering in his community, making new friends in the city, and writing narrative novellas. Munkar was the first Kanywood movie to be screened in the Cinema Halls using a mini video projector, recorded with a Panasonic VHS Camera M300. In 1994 Bala produced another movie based on the novel Tsuntsu Mai Wayo, and was produced in.

He was Assistant Secretary (Kano State Film Makers Association) 1996/2000

Serves as one of the five Script Judges, British Council Library’s Connecting Futures Project. Five short films were produced by the Kanywood young film makers in 2005

Serves as one of the three Scripts to screen Consultants, Security Justice & Growth, (SJG) Project. Six films were written and produced by the Kanywood Film Makers in 2007

Script Writer, One of the Script writers National Primary Health Care Development Agency, (NPHCDA) Five films were selected by MOPPAN

Mini Biography

A dual citizen of the USA and the Federal Republic of Nigeria, writer/director Bello Galadanchi, made a name for himself after winning numerous awards at short film festivals around the globe. In 2012, at just 24, he wrote, directed and co-produced the feature film, A Dark Place.

Prior to making films Galadanchi obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering. Having also minored in sociology, the soft spoken filmmaker credits the “thought provoking” storylines commonly associated with his work to his humble upbringing in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria.

Owner of Dalar Pictures, Galadanchi is also co-founder of To the Moon Productions, along with actor R. Tariq Powell. The filmmaker currently resides in central Pennsylvania.



Film Year Role Notes
A Dark Place 2012 Director, Writer
Meeting Dad (short) 2012 Director, Writer
The Truth (short) 2011 Director, Writer
The Last Shrimp (short) 2011 Director, Writer
Why New Jersey 2011 Director, Writer
Stacks Patee Death (short) 2011 Director, Writer
Vicious Temptation (Short Film) ???? Buri Mai Karfi (Karamin Labari da Hausa) - English Trailer -


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