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 **Producer** [[producer/​sakna_gadaz]] \\ **Starring** [[actor/​ibrahim_maishunku]],​ [[actress/​fati_k._k]],​ [[actress/​hadiza_gabon]],​ [[actor/​zahraddeen_sani]] \\ **Released** [[:​list_of_hausa_films?​dataflt=year=ND|ND]] **Producer** [[producer/​sakna_gadaz]] \\ **Starring** [[actor/​ibrahim_maishunku]],​ [[actress/​fati_k._k]],​ [[actress/​hadiza_gabon]],​ [[actor/​zahraddeen_sani]] \\ **Released** [[:​list_of_hausa_films?​dataflt=year=ND|ND]]
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +Aure Ko Boko (Marriage or Education) This professor want his daughter to obtain western education. In Pursuance of this, they turned down all their suitors.
 ===== Watch Aure ko Boko ===== ===== Watch Aure ko Boko =====
 <​html>​ <​html>​
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