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 +====== Bakar Ashana (Burned out Match) ======
 +<WRAP box 200px left>​{{http://​​2011/​06/​bakar-ashana.jpg?​200}} \\ **Produced by** [[producer:​Bright Star Entertainment]]((http://​​2006/​11/​hausa-film-series-november-and.html)) \\ **Starring** [[actor/​umar gombe]], [[actress/​sadiya gyale]]</​WRAP>​
 +This film was banned by the Kano State Censorship Board and is not supposed to be available in the market. It delves into the world of karuwai (prostitutes) and the men who frequent them. A young man falls in love with a beautiful karuwa and wants to marry her... What will happen? If not for anything else, this film is worth watching for a couple of fabulous dance sequences. The storyline seems to be based loosely on Ibrahim Sheme'​s novel '​Yartsana:​ Babydoll. -[[http://​​2006/​11/​hausa-film-series-november-and.html|Carmen]]
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