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 +====== Burina (My Dream) ======
 +<WRAP box 200px left>
 +**Produced by** [[:​producer:​ku_saurara]],​ [[:​producer:​newage_network_kaduna]] \\ **Film Location** Kujama, Kaduna \\ **Starring** [[actress:​Maryam Booth]], [[actor/​zahraddeen_sani]]
 +===== Overview ===== 
 +Source: [[http://​​documents/​1279739114quarterly_highlights_-_oct_-_dec_2009._doc.pdf|JHU Kusaurara Project: Educating ​ through ​ film]], Page 3
 +KU SAURARA project will soon launch ​ its new Hausa home video, Burina ​ (My Dream) ​ that was  recently ​ shot at Kujama ​ town  in  Kaduna ​ state. ​ According ​ to  the  Senior ​ Program ​ Officer ​ of  the project, ​ Hajiya Hadiza ​ Baba  Yaro,  the  shooting ​ of  the  film  was  completed ​ last December. ​ The  new  home  video, ​ Burina ​ according ​ to  Baba  Yaro  is  another ​ [[producer:​Ku Saurara]] ​ produced ​ entertainment-education ​ home  video  that  seeks  to  encourage husbands and wives  to  speak  to  each other openly about  their health. ​ ‘This ​ film provides ​ reproductive ​ health ​ information ​ in  an  entertaining ​ story  to  encourage newly married women go  to  the health ​ facility ​ for  their reproductive health care. We want them to access various health information and services such as antenatal care, delivery, birth  spacing and child  care etc available ​ in  local health ​ facilities’,​ she added. ​
 +It is a story of a young woman who has to deal with love, marriage, perceived fear and  hurt  and  finally ​ find  reconciliation ​ and  harmony ​ at  home.  This  story  is wrapped ​ in  the key  strategic ​ issues ​ that Ku Saurara ​ is  promoting; ​ positive ​ spousal communication ​ and  improving ​ health-seeking ​ behaviours ​ of  young Hausa  brides. The  film promotes ​ community ​ involvement where  neighbours ​ and  elderly ​ family members ​ such  as  grand mothers will  assist newly  young  married ​ women  with information on how to access various health services available in health facilities. ​
 +The film was produced by [[producer:​Newage Network Kaduna]] ​ and  features ​ shining ​ artists ​ of  the Hausa film industry such as [[actress:​Maryam Booth]], [[actress:​Fati KK]], [[actress:​Fati Jafaru]], [[actress:​Aishatu Mahuta]], Zaharadden Sani and Isma’ila Koli. The film launch scheduled to hold in March  at a venue to be announced later is expected to attract ​ the  representatives ​ of  the primary ​ target ​ audience; newly married young women, youth organizations,​ government ​ representatives,​ development partners and media organizations among others. ​
 +===== Clips =====
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