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 ====== Hindu - An African Extra Vagrant ====== ====== Hindu - An African Extra Vagrant ======
 <WRAP box 200px left> <WRAP box 200px left>
-{{ film:​hindu2.jpg?​200 }} \\ **Director** [[actor/​yakubu_mohammad]],​ [[director/​sadiq_n._mafia]] \\ **Producer** [[producer/​Flyin Bird Productions]] \\ **Language** Hausa \\ **Released** 2014 \\ **Starring** [[actor/​adam_a._zango]],​ [[actress/​jamila_umar]],​ [[actress/​fati_washa]],​ [[producer/​tijjani_asase]],​ [[actress/​ladidi_fagge]],​ [[actor/​sadiq_ahmad]] +{{ film:​hindu2.jpg?​200 }} \\ **Director** [[actor/​yakubu_mohammad]],​ [[director/​sadiq_n._mafia]] \\ **Producer** [[producer/​Flyin Bird Productions]] \\ **Language** Hausa \\ **Released** 2014 \\ **Starring** [[actor/​adam_a._zango]],​ [[actress/​jamila_umar]],​ [[actress/​fati_washa]],​ [[producer/​tijjani_asase]],​ [[actress/​ladidi_fagge]],​ [[actor/​sadiq_ahmad]] ​\\ **Running Time:** 90mins 
-</​WRAP>​+</​WRAP> ​Hindu is a story of a warrior and the king of a Village that they had conflict with over bestowing his daughter to anybody she likes.  
 +The king gathered people both the Rich and kinsmen, but she did not see who liked amongst them and instead fell for a warrior who has nothing. It became a problem between her and her father’s Empire since he is a king... but she fought for Love, now the story continues.. 
 ===== Hindu Trailer ===== ===== Hindu Trailer =====
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 ===== Hindu HD Teaser ===== ===== Hindu HD Teaser =====
 <​html><​iframe width="​640"​ height="​360"​ src="​http://​​embed/​tH1UHLAeIfo"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen="​Yes"></​iframe></​html>​ <​html><​iframe width="​640"​ height="​360"​ src="​http://​​embed/​tH1UHLAeIfo"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen="​Yes"></​iframe></​html>​
 +===== Hindu on Kundin Kannywood =====
 +<​html><​iframe width="​640"​ height="​360"​ src="​http://​​embed/​vJK7oDZdCf8"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen="​Yes"></​iframe></​html>​
 +[[https://​​watch?​v=vJK7oDZdCf8|Kundin Kannywood EP15]] | Jan 14, 2015
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