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 +====== Jaraba ======
 +<WRAP box 200px left>
 +{{ :​film:​jaraba320_180.png }}
 +**Released** [[:​list_of_hausa_films?​dataflt=year=2011|2011]] \\
 +**Directed by**  [[producer:​al_amin_ciroma]] \\
 +**Produced by** [[producer:​frontline_ltd]], ​ [[producer:​ibrahim_labaran]] \\
 +**Starring** [[actor:​ali_nuhu]],​ [[actress/​fati_washa]],​ [[actor:​abbas_sadiq]],​ [[actress:​hauwa_maina]],​ [[actress:​sadiya_gyale]], ​ [[actor:​ibrahim_maishunku]] \\
 +**Language** Hausa. English subtitled by Huzaifa Sani Ilyas((https://​​watch?​v=ajvAwZTSkyI&​​t=1h48m12s))
 +He wants all their father'​s wealth to himself alone.He became greedy malicious and wicked, to the extend that he sent his younger brother Shehu on exile.While shehu was missing, his wife Aisha was betrayed , maltreated and abused by those she trusted. Ba shi da mutunci ,ya zoma mugu , domin yana so duk aziki baba nsu ya zoma na shi. Shehu keni nsa ya bata, bayan a na niman shi , matan ta sha wuya, a wurin abokanen shi.
 +===== Watch Jaraba ===== 
 +<​html><​iframe width="​420"​ height="​315"​ src="​http://​​embed/​ajvAwZTSkyI"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe></​html>​
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