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 +====== Jaruman Wasanni (Sports Heroes) ======
 +<WRAP box 200px left>
 +**Released** [[:​list_of_hausa_films?​dataflt=year=2014-Present|2014-Present]] \\
 +**Directed by**  [[director:​ameen_m._auwal_amah]] \\
 +**Produced by** [[producer:​arewa24]], ​ [[director:​sani_mu_azu]] \\
 +**Show Time** Sundays (Ranar Lahadi) \\
 +**Language** Hausa
 +</​WRAP> ​
 +Ta amfani da wadanda suka yi fice a harkar wasanni a Arewacin Nigeria, zai nuna yadda aiki tukuru da juriya sukan zama nasara a rayuwa. Shirin zai yi nuni da yadda wasanni ya zama yana kara lafiya da kuzari sannan kuma yayi nuni da yadda zai iya samar da hadin kai da ci gaba a rayuwa.
 +Through interviews with successful athletes from around Northern Nigeria, Jaruman Wasanne shows youth audiences how hard work and perseverance can lead to success in sports, as in life. The magazine presents sports as an effective avenue for an active, healthy life; demonstrating first-hand how sports can be a tool to promote collaboration,​ collective problem solving, tolerance, and inter-group understanding;​ all while showing how sports can prepare youth for success in their own lives, whether at work, at home, at school, or in society. The heroes featured have all overcome obstacles in their path to success and have important life lessons to share with Arewa 24′s audiences, who are encouraged to nominate their own sports heroes for future episodes!
 +===== Tallan Jaruman Wasanni (Sports Heroes Promo) ===== 
 +<​html><​iframe width="​420"​ height="​315"​ src="​http://​​embed/​Kjt7jz3WEWI"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe></​html>​
 +===== External Links ===== 
 +  * Official website in [[http://​​shows/​jaruman-wasanni/​|Hausa]] and [[http://​​en/​shows/​sport-heroes/​|English]]
 +  * [[https://​​playlist?​list=PLenlLYA0Do3kvDzeR5ubojjPbr5-7Xg6v|YouTube Playlist]]
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