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 +====== Kasarmu Ce (This Land Is Ours) ======
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 +**Year** 1991 \\ **Directed by** [[director/​Saddikk Balewa]] \\ **Produced by** [[director/​Saddikk Balewa]] \\ **Language** Hausa \\ **Runtime** 84 min
 +===== Storyline ===== 
 +A West African thriller that draws on the traditions of Hausa and Western-style storytelling. The plot centers on the efforts of a young man to avenge the murder of his grandfather. The murderer is a brutal land baron attempting to seize control of the iron-rich village lands. Set within a rural African setting, the film is a "​political,​ cultural and contemplative"​ thriller.
 +//- IMDb//
 +===== External Links ===== 
 +  * http://​​title/​tt0376700/​
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