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 +====== Matsayin So ======
 +<WRAP box 200px left>
 +{{ :​film:​matsayin_so.jpg?​128 }} \\ **Directed by** [[sabiu_m._gidaje|Sabiu_M._Gidaje]] \\ **Produced by** [[:​producer:​gidaje_films]] \\ **Starring** [[:​actress:​maryam_kwangila]],​ [[:​actor:​ibrahim_maishunku]],​ [[:​actor:​sadiq_sani_sadiq]],​ [[:​actor:​Adam A. Zango]] \\ **Language** Hausa \\ **Running time** 50:00
 +===== Plot ===== 
 +Jamil ([[actor/​Adam A. Zango]]) is an aspiring doctor who must leave his fiance Fatima ([[:​actress:​maryam gidaje]]) for a couple years. Before departing to India, where he got his scholarship,​ he promised to keep in touch with her but wasn't able to for whatever reason. While he was gone, Nazifi ([[actor:​Jamilu Buruku]]) confessed his love to Fatima. After some deliberation,​ Fatima agreed. Jamil soon returned and found that his fiance has moved on. Fatima lives with her sister who is married to Adamu ([[:​actor:​ibrahim_maishunku]]),​ Nazifi'​s brother. Nazifi'​s and Adamu'​s mother ([[actress:​Aisha Manu]]) fell ill and only one doctor is capable of operating on her, that doctor is Jamil. With the ball in his court, he decides to conjure up divorce papers for Nazifi to sign as a test of his love for Fatima.
 +===== Watch Matsayin So =====
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