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Nazir Ahmed Hausawa (Ziriums)

Born Nazir Ahmed on February 5th, 1980 in Hausawa Gwale, Kano, Nigeria
Occupation Producer, Sound Engineer, Musician, Hip-hop artist, Actor


Ziriums (Nazir Ahmad Hausawa) is a Kano-based hiphop musician, who sings in Hausa, Fulfulde, English, and Arabic. His first foray into music was in 1993 when he and his friend Ali Jamilu formed an Islamic Gospel group named Fadar Nigogen Ma’aiki (Prophet Hiphop Clan). In 2005, Nazir began the group Cakewalk with actors and musicians Adam A. Zango and Abbas Sadiq, which was renamed Northern Soldiers when rapper Billy-O joined the group. Under Zirium’s leadership, the Northern Soldiers performed at pre-parlour Music Festival in Niamey, Niger Republic in 2007. Ziriums performed solo at the British Council and recorded with Mecca II Medina, a London based hiphop artist. Kyandir is his first single album. Other creative work experience includes work in the Hausa film industry as a director, actor, and cameraman. From 2004-2005, he worked with BBC World trust as a sound engineer on a radio project Story Story. He also worked as a co-presenter and music supplier for the BBC Hausa youth programme Yatakene. He is currently manager of Golden Goose Studio, Kano. Currently Nazir is working with BBC World Service Trust as a Producer youth programs Nazir was featured on CNN’s Inside Africa on August 23, 2008. He has also appeared in the magazines Fim, Suda, and Nollywood, has been interviewed on over fourteen radio stations and three television stations in the Niger Republic.



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