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Here you'll find a running list of all news articles, interviews, and links related to Hausa films or just films in general. To keep this fresh, you can easily sign up, log in, and start adding and editing this list. Your contributions are greatly be appreciated!

A Scorsese in Lagos - The Making of Nigeria’s Film Industry
Again the actors gathered
From The Colonial To Digital Era
Hamisu Lamido Iyan-Tama in the Weekly Trust
Hollywood, Bollywood and now Nollywood - The Stream looks at Nigeria’s booming film industry.
How the New York Film Academy discovered gold in the developing world | Capital New York
Is a Hausa Film Industry (Kannywood) Necessary?
Kannywood: A Luta Continua!
Kannywood, the growth of a Nigerian language industry – Carmen McCain (Cached)
Kwankwaso’s policy on movies
Making sense of nollywood Movies (Part 2, Complete Document)
Marketers, Nollywood… back in the trenches
National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB)
Nigeria's entertainment industry eager to make pirates part of sea change
Nollytech – Understanding New Media Nollywood
Nollywood and its terminology migraines
Nollywood: Censored at Home, Available on the Internet
Other Cultures Lagging In Nigeria Movie Industry
TechDirt - How Piracy Created The Massive Movie Industry Success Of Nollywood
TechDirt - Nigerians Looking To Crack Down On Movie Piracy, Despite Thriving Nollywood Movie Industry
The National Film and Video Censor’s Board website returns with mountains of information’s-board-website-returns-mountains-informationNollywood2012-02-18
Well researched paper by Olufunmilayo Arewa - The Rise of Nollywood: Creators, Entrepreneurs, and Pirates
Ziriums and Zeb Ejiro – Can cultural creation hold Nigeria together?


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