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 +====== Original Homepage ======
 +====== Welcome to! Spreading and promoting Hausa movies and culture globally ====== is a collaborative wiki-based website and directory set out to disseminate organized and accurate information about Hausa films. Hausa films is a major part of [[wp>​Nollywood|Nollywood]],​ Nigeria'​s growing movie industry. Watching Hausa films is a good and entertaining way to learn the [[wp>​Hausa_language|Hausa language]] and also get insights into the [[wp>​Hausa_people|Hausa culture]]. Here you'll find a sortable/​filterable [[list_of_hausa_films|list of Hausa films]], [[cast_and_crew|list]] of Hausa actors and actresses, directors, producers, musicians, etc., and also [[news_and_links|news and links]] relating to the industry. This is a companion website to the youtube channel [[http://​​user/​hausafilmstv|hausafilmstv]] that's showcasing a growing number of quality Hausa films to a global audience so feel free to watch, share, and subscribe. Stay tuned!!!
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 +<a href="​https://​​hausafilmstv"​ class="​twitter-follow-button"​ style="​vertical-align:​ top;">​Follow @hausafilmstv on Twitter</​a>​
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