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 +====== Husayn Zagaru AbdulQadir ======
 +<WRAP box 200px left>
 +{{ :​producer:​husayn_zaguru.jpg?​nolink&​128 }} \\ **Occupation** Producer
 +Part 1 of an interview with Kaduna-based Hausa filmmaker Husayn Zagaru AbdulQadir, in which he talks about his new film Dare Biyu, Yini Biyu. http://​​index.php/​my-thoughts-exactly/​12803-the-beautiful-ones-are-being-born-in-nigeria (via [[actress/​Carmen McCain]]'​s [[https://​​hausahomevideoresourcecentre/​posts/​477285099015941|FB Status on 
 +Hausa Home Video Resource Centre]])
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