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 +====== Yakubu Lere ======
 +<WRAP box 200px left>
 +{{ :​producer:​yakubu_lere.jpg?​200 }} \\ **Occupation** Producer
 +Yakubu Lere is one of the leading stakeholders in the Hausa film industry (a.k.a. Kannywood). A producer, he made some of the best known movies in the language. Before venturing into Kannywood in 1999, however, he had served as the Deputy Director of Press to Kaduna state Governor, the late Alhaji Dabo Mohammed Lere.
 +Yakubu Lere, a trained broadcaster and politician, had previously worked at the FRCN Kaduna. According to him, he joined Kannywood as a producer with N50,000 in his account. But the journey has been fruitful; he produced successful and controversial films like ‘Salaha’ and ‘Wasila’. The latest one in the market, ‘Tsaka Mai Wuya,’ cost him roughly N3 million to make, but in its first week of release he said he recovered his money and made a profit... - 
 +===== Filmography =====
 +==== Producer ====
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 +===== Links =====
 +  * [[http://​​2012/​12/​why-i-did-not-marry-safiya-musa/​|Why I did not marry Safiya Musa]] - By Aliyu Askira of BluePrint Newspapers | Dec 14, 2012
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