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Ahmad Ali Nuhu

Born Ahmad Ali Nuhu on May 30th, 2006 (Age: 18 years old)1)
Occupation Actor
Relatives: Fatima Ali Nuhu

Ahmad Ali Nuhu is a teen Kannywood actor who started out as a child actor. He was a Blue Boat Milk ambassador and friends with the likes of soccer superstar Ahmed Musa2). He was born May 30th, 2006 and is also the son of the famed Kannywood star Ali Nuhu. A child actor with Carbin Kwai, Zuri'a, Kara da Kiyashi, Akan Idona, Shakka and Uba da 'Da to his credits.

Ahmad has been doing well for himself just like his father and being a smart kid, he has been able to take advises from his father who puts him through and also elders who understands the profession well.3)


Film Producer

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