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Hadiza Gabon on marriage, morality and some Kannywood notions

Wanda ya wallafawa Kannywood Online 20 Disamba, 2013

In Kannywood, the Hausa film industry, Hadiza Gabon is considered by many as not only decent but also cool and highly cultured. She also dresses well. “I am happy my colleagues can pass such comments about me,” the beautiful top actress told Blueprint. However, she warned: “But like any other human being I am not a saint; what I try to do always is maintain my cool, respect my seniors and protect my integrity.” On whether her looks does not rob her of privacy, Gabon laughed and said, “Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t even have a boyfriend. I am taking my time. All I want is to settle down if Mr. Right comes along.”

Gabon discusses morality, marriage and some notions about the industry in this interview she had with ALIYU ASKIRA in Kano recently.

You were quoted recently as saying you wanted to settle down into marriage. As a Muslim woman, marriage is the best for us. I don’t care whether I am young or not, whatever I may acquire in life if I am not in my matrimonial home I would not command respect in the society.

Tell me about your background. My name is Hadiza Aliyu but people call me Hadiza Gabon because I am from that country. My mother is from Mubi, a Fulani, from Adamawa state. Even before I settled in Nigeria permanently, I used to visit the country.

How come you are now based in Kaduna? When I developed interest to join Kannywood I decided to come to Kaduna, to stay with my female cousin.

When you came to Kaduna what was your next move? I met with Ali Nuhu and sought his assistance, then he wished me well, but honestly no strings attached. No producer or director ever harassed me sexually, before or after a film production.

Now that you are successful, Ali did not ask for dividends? (Laughs) Not at all! He is like my brother, mentor and adviser. Honestly, I am happy here. All I heard about Kannywood turned out to be untrue.

Are you saying you don’t have a boyfriend? Well, I don’t know how to answer you. I don’t have a boyfriend in Kannywood. That is why I told you I wanted to marry early and worship God and be rewarded with Aljannah.

What would you say is the major difference between here and Gabon? Nothing much. We have Christians and Muslims, we are also black and Africans.

Let’s look at the issue of lesbianism in Kannywood… Nobody ever approached me for that, but it exists, even in other sectors. What I try to do is to pray hard so that God will protect me. I believe it is the work of the devil.

You artists travel a lot and in most cases you sleep in hotels. Is this morally proper for young ladies? It is true, but God that created us judges us by our intentions. If you find yourself in a hotel God knows why you are there; God knows you are there on legitimate business, so it does not bother me.

Would you say the industry has paid your bills? A lot. I meet different people and I have got a huge goodwill, and nobody has ever forced himself into my room when we travel out. The industry has changed or is being misunderstood.

Tell us about your educational qualification. After my primary school in Gabon, I did a diploma in French. When I was preparing to go to a school of legal studies, they went on strike and I left the country afterwards.

Who are your mentors in the film industry? My hero in Kannywood is Aminu Sheriff (Momoh) and among the actresses, the one I admire most is Hadiza Gabon — my humble self! (Laughs)

Source: Blue Print

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