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Mata Da Miji

Directed by Aminu Saira
Produced by nazifi_asnanic
Starring Ibrahim Maishunku
Released 2010

Mata da Miji describes a story of working class couple, Abdurra’uf a medical doctor and Maijidda a banker. The film shows that the couple is not be able to take care of their son Sudais due to their work. They decide to hire a nanny called Rukayya. Sudais and Rukayya become so intimate like a son and a mother. As a result, the son refuses to get back to his parents, which annoys the father. Abdurra’uf suggests to his wife that one of them should give up the work in order to take care of the son. The wife refuses to stop working, so he is forced to give up his job to take care of the son. His resignation does not solve the problem due to the close relation between the son and his nanny. Then the father decides to marry the nanny but his wife opposes the plans. But Dr. Abdurra’uf was able to marry the nanny with all the oppositions from the wife. After the marriage the father finally gets his son’s attention and Maijidda is left with guilt and remorse. 1)

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1) Chamo Isa Yusuf (2012). Hausa-English Code-switching in Kanywood Films. Macrothink Institure International Journal of Linguistics. pg. 4. ISSN 1948-5425. Vol. 4, No. 2
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