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Albasha Grafix

Photo (c) Albasha Grafix via Born Muhammad Ghali Albasha on January 1, 1980 (age 32) in Kaduna
Occupation: Producer, Graphics Specialist
Marital Status: Single

The following is imported from the Jan 4th 2012 Kano Chronicle Aminiya newspaper. Coverage by Ibrahim Musa Giginyu:

MUHAMMAD Ghali Albasha is a household name in Hausa movie industry, as a producer he has many mov- ies to his credit. For sometimes he has not been seen in the movie industry, and many are wondering. However, recent encounter with him by Kano chronicle revealed that he has changed course in the industry from being a producer to a graphics specialist.

Albasha explained that he has not left the industry but has taken up a challenge thrown to him regarding the Hausa movies. According to him, somebody once chal- lenged him on the quality of the Hausa movie posters which he said was of very low quality

“The challenge was thrown to me when I was a pro- ducer, I could remember I took my movies to a marketer when I noticed that most of the educated customers were avoiding the stalk of Hausa movies displayed in the mar- keter’s stall. I summoned courage and approach one of the customers and asked him why they are not interested in the stalked Hausa movies, he told me that as a Hausa man he finds it repulsing the way and manner posters of the movies were designed. He said we should look at the way the Nollywood industry is designing good posters that catches everyone’s fancy and they do this things in Nigeria. He challenged me saying why is it that the so called Kannywood is not doing anything to emulate if not to do better, I felt really challenged. That was how I went back to study,” he said.

He added that he got himself engaged in constant research on latest discoveries in graphics and also involved the use of modern machineries in designing posters for movies. Couple with other secrets of the pro- fession we begin to produce qualitative posters that the industry is bboasting of these days.

It was also gathered that Albasha was the brain behind the positive transformation of graphics in the Hausa movie industry. Many in the industry consider him to be a revo- lutionist in the profession as he pro- duces over 55% of the total posters used in the Hausa movie industry.

With the recent competition in the movie industry that characterizes the development recorded so far, Albasha has reiterated his resolve to expand the scope of his work for upcoming youths in the industry. He said already he has some youths under him that were learning the art of modern graphics so as to sustain the tempo in the development recorded by the industry.

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