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 +====== ​ Albasha Grafix ======
 +<WRAP box 200px left>
 +{{ cast_and_crew:​albasha_grafix.jpg?​nolink&​200|Photo (c) Albasha Grafix via https://​​photo.php?​fbid=2588689829041&​set=a.1460257498938.2065240.1008447361&​type=3 }}
 +**Born** Muhammad Ghali Albasha on January 1, 1980 (age 32) in Kaduna \\ **Occupation:​** Producer, Graphics Specialist \\ **Marital Status:** Single
 +//The following is imported from the [[http://​​kano/​KANO%20CHRONICLES/​KANO%20CHRONICLE%2004-01-2012/​P4-5.pdf|Jan 4th 2012 Kano Chronicle Aminiya newspaper]]. Coverage by Ibrahim Musa Giginyu://
 +MUHAMMAD Ghali Albasha is a household name in 
 +Hausa movie industry, as a producer he has many mov-
 +ies to his credit. For sometimes he has not been seen in 
 +the movie industry, and many are wondering. However, ​
 +recent encounter with him by Kano chronicle revealed ​
 +that he has changed course in the industry from being a 
 +producer to a graphics specialist. ​  
 +Albasha explained that he has not  left the  industry ​
 +but has taken up a challenge thrown to him regarding the 
 +Hausa movies. According to him, somebody once chal-
 +lenged him on the quality of  the Hausa movie posters ​
 +which he said was of very low quality
 +“The challenge was thrown to me when I was a pro-
 +ducer, I could remember I took my movies to a marketer ​
 +when I noticed that most of the educated customers were 
 +avoiding the stalk of Hausa movies displayed in the mar-
 +keter’s stall. I summoned courage and approach one of 
 +the customers and asked him why they are not interested ​
 +in the stalked Hausa movies, he told me that as a Hausa 
 +man he finds it repulsing the way and manner posters of 
 +the movies were designed. He said we should look at the 
 +way the Nollywood industry is designing good posters ​
 +that catches everyone’s fancy and they do this things in 
 +Nigeria. He challenged me saying why is it that the so 
 +called Kannywood is not doing anything to emulate if 
 +not to do better, I felt really challenged. That was how I 
 +went back to study,” he said.
 +He  added  that he  got himself ​ engaged ​ in  constant ​
 +research ​ on  latest ​ discoveries ​ in  graphics ​ and  also 
 +involved ​ the use of modern machineries ​ in designing ​
 +posters for movies. Couple with other secrets of the pro-
 +fession we begin to produce qualitative posters that the 
 +industry is bboasting of these days. 
 +It was also gathered that Albasha ​
 +was  the brain behind ​ the positive ​
 +transformation of graphics ​ in  the 
 +Hausa movie industry. Many in the 
 +industry consider him to be a revo-
 +lutionist in the profession as he pro-
 +duces over 55% of the total posters ​
 +used in the Hausa movie industry. ​
 +With the recent competition in 
 +the  movie  industry ​ that  characterizes ​ the development recorded ​
 +so  far, Albasha ​ has  reiterated ​ his 
 +resolve to expand the scope of his 
 +work  for upcoming youths ​ in  the 
 +industry. He  said  already ​ he  has 
 +some youths under him that were 
 +learning the art of modern graphics ​ so  as  to  sustain ​ the  tempo  in 
 +the development ​ recorded by  the 
 +industry. ​
 +===== Sample Works =====
 +===== Links =====
 +     * [[http://​​ghali.albasha|Albasha on Facebook]]
 +===== Share this page =====
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