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Abbas Sadiq

Abbas Sadiq
Born April 1st
Occupation Actor, Musician, Producer & Director

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Abbas Sadiq Bio

Abbas Sadiq is a model, an actor, producer, and director in the Nigerian film industry, specializing in Hausa films (Kannywood). He is also an MTN Ambassador and the Presenter of the MTN television programme “Dandalin Tashi Mu Taimake Ka,” He started his acting career as a kid since 1986. The actor became inspired to act at the location of a soap opera ‘Behind the Clouds” on NTA Jos. He is also a Disc Jockey.He handles ceremonial events as Master of Ceremony. Abbas made his appearance in Nollywood in the year 1998 with the Home Videos, “Eva”, directed by Izu Ojukwu and “Amina” directed by Indubuisi Okon and the Hausa movies industry also in the year 1998. Other Nollywood films he featured includes “The World is Mine”, “Showdown”, “11th Hour”, “Prime Suspect”, “Princess of the Golden Mask”, “Hamza”, “Zailani” etc. With a debut appearance in the hit movie ‘Iqaamah & Turna’, which he featured as the principal character and the Assistant director. Over the years he has acted in over 200 movies among which are Jamhuriya, Gidan Iko, Su’al, Sauyin Yanayi, Tutar So, Salon Mulki, Karkashi, As-Salam, Zahira, Komai Dozen, Kallabi, Bakandamiya, Babban Riga, Balarabe Na Balaraba and Albashi. He has also featured in recent Hit Movies like Sarauta, Ahlul Kitabi, Rudani, Lecturer etc. He is a talented musical artist, working on his forthcoming debut musical video album, “DANDALINA”, which promises to be mind blowing!



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