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Zainab Indomie

Born May 17th, 1986 (Age: 38 years old), Abuja, Nigeria (Originally from Sudan) 1)
Occupation: Actress
Years Active 2008-Present
Other Names: Zainab Abdullahi

Zainab Indomie shahararriyar jarumar Kannywood ce da ta daɗe a cikin industry ɗin. Daga cikin fina-finan da suka sanya jarumar ta shahara akwai 'Wali-Jam', da 'Ali' da 'Garinmu Da Zafi' da sauransu.2)

ZAINAB Abdullahi is one of Kannywood's beloved actresses. Popularly called 'Zainab Indomie' by colleagues and fans, the humble, amiable and friendly actress is reputed as one of Kannywood's most sought after actresses. Loved and adored by fans of Kannywood movies because of her ability to live roles well, Zainab who holds a diploma in Computer Science, has been enjoying a raised game in Kannywood since she joined the industry a little near seven years ago. Zainab is always in the mix anytime names of actresses who are making huge impressions on moviegoers in the industry are mentioned.

Born and raised in Abuja, Zainab who is originally from Sudan had a good appetite for watching movies whilst growing up. She would each day, after completing her assigned homework and house chores, heel out with friends to watch movies. It was while at this that Zainab who close friends describe as caring, genial and well mannered caught the movie bug. That exposure to a lot of Indian and Kannywood movies made her admire the acting abilities of some of the actors and actresses. With time, she felt an urge to interprete roles. The urge grew, until she took a bold step and the rest, as they say, is history.3)

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