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Directed by Kamal S. Alkali
Produced by Muazzam Idi Yari
Starring Zainab Indomie, nura hussaini
Released 2011

Khaleesat tells a story of a couple Ibrahim and Khaleesat. The title is the name of the main female character Khaleesat. Khaleesat is a successful banker and Ibrahim is a school teacher. They live a happy life of mutual understanding, trust and respect. The situation changes when Ibrahim receives some text messages from a stranger that he should be careful about his wife activities in the bank and watch her coming home late due to the nature of her works. That leads Ibrahim to suspicious behavior towards his wife. The audience knows however that the man who sends the text messages to Ibrahim wanted to have affairs with Khaleesat and promises her to open a bank account and deposit a huge mount of money in the bank if she agrees to his proposal, but she rejects it. The suspicion between Ibrahim and Khaleesat leads to their separation. 1)


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1) Chamo Isa Yusuf (2012). Hausa-English Code-switching in Kanywood Films. Macrothink Institure International Journal of Linguistics. pg. 4. ISSN 1948-5425. Vol. 4, No. 2
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