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List of Hausa Actors, Actresses, Directors, Producers...

Here you'll find a running list (work-in-progress) of all involved in making Hausa films. Realize what a daunting task this is so to make the list as “complete” as possible, we'll need some help. If you're a fan of Hausa films or just want to contribute, you can easily sign up, log in, and start adding and editing this list. Your contributions are greatly be appreciated!

Actors | Actresses | Directors (Masu bada umarni) | Producers (Masu shiryawa) | Writers (Marubutai) | Musicians (Mawakan Hausa)

Filtered by occupation=Writer

PhotoName Occupation(s)
img: husayn_zaguru.jpgHusayn Zagaru AbdulQadirDirector, Writer, Editor, Producer
img: bello_galadanchi.jpegBello Habeeb GaladanchiDirector, Writer, Journalist, Producer
img: nasiru_muhammad.jpgNasiru B. MuhammadDirector, Writer
img: actress-carmenMcCain.jpgCarmen McCainActress, Writer
img: writer_fauziya_d_sulaiman.pngFauziya D. SulaimanWriter
img: aliyu_dalhatu_garkuwa.jpgAliyu Dalhatu (Garkuwa)Writer


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