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basaja.jpg Released 2013, 2015
Directed by Falalu A. Dorayi
Produced by Dorayi Entertainment
Starring Adam A. Zango, Hadiza Gabon
Language Hausa

This movie stood out thanks to its great script and a formidable performance from lead actor Adam Zango. 1)

Kannywoodscene's Basaja (Takun Karshe) Movie Review

If you feel like being nitpicky, there’s a whole lot wrong with Falalu Dorayi’s BASAJA TAKUN KARSHE. An angry, motivated person could write multiple reviews ranting its logical inconsistencies and less than expert structure without ever repeating himself. But what’s the point when the movie is actually kind of enjoyable? In spite of its choppy storytelling, BASAJA TAKUN KARSHE has more than its share of likability. It may be stand close scrutiny but most people will leave the cinema smiling. And that has to be considered a success.

BASAJA has expanded into a money-spinning, lucrative franchise and it gets larger in terms of scale: the budgets are getting monstrous, the star power, collosal. The third installment, BASAJA TAKUN KARSHE, driven by a story that, well, just likes the idea of being smart, pits a squad of three down-on-their-luck cops into a cat-and-mouse game with the con perfectionist, Adams A Zango, who pulls off a series of frauds against mostly corrupt business leaders and politicians while consistently staying one step ahead of the authority.

If you look at the movie as an escapist fare where you go “my brains off”, you will be fine. Frankly, BASAJA TAKUN KARSHE sort of delivers everything you anticipated. The motive is to offer unbashed entertainment and the movie thrives completely in this endeavor. In its better moments, it’s able to tread the line between exaggeration and absurdity to produce maximum thrill.

In its worse moments, it’s a bit of a hot mess. In addition to spending time on the wrong side of the absurdity line believing to be much smarter than it really is, scattered plot elements are thrown in that feel alien and unneeded thrusting the plot into chaos. In the downside of things, the movie borrows ideas from previous installments.

BASAJA TAKUN KARSHE is kept afloat by its witty dialogue and smoothly charismatic performance by Adam A Zango and Hadiza Aliyu Gabon. Special credit goes to the producers for its extravagant production design. The music is highly effective. The costumes are upmarket. The editing is admirable. The background score is fair, though too loud atimes. The camera work is outright mediocre. However, the saving grace is the vibrant picturization. Overall, the production is recommendable.

BASAJA TAKUN KARSHE is cool, enjoyable, formula-driven stuff designed to self-replicate into a series- and there’s nothing wrong with that. Bring on BASAJA GIDAN FURSINA.

Reviewed by: Anas Abdullahi
Twitter: @a9united1
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Basaja (Takun Farko) Trailer


Basaja (Takun Karshe) Trailer


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