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Hadiza Gabon

Occupation Actress
Born Hadiza Aliyu on June 1, 1989 (age 26) in Gabon
Years Active 2007-Present

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Hadiza Gabon also known as Hadiza Aliyu is a Hausa actress born and brought up in Gabon. She's generally considered by many in the industry to be a good role model as she appears to be highly cultured and well dressed. Her mother is Fulani from Mubi, Adamawa state. She did her Primary school in Gabon, got a diploma in French. She also learned to speak Hausa and her native language Fulu. She first arrived in Nigeria in 2007.


Upon developing interest to join Kannywood, she decided to settle in Kaduna with her cousin. She then met with Ali Nuhu and sought for his assistance in launching her acting career. She considers him to be like her brother, mentor, and adviser. Aminu Shariff (Momoh) is another of her mentors. She entered into Kannywood - the Hausa film industry in 2009 where she started acting in the film Artabu (A Mazauna) (2009).



VOA Hausa Yau da Gobe Interview Mar 20 2015

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