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Kisan Gilla

It’s so understanding that ASMASAN PICTURES is known for conciliable presentation of ideas through style, cinematography and other technical aspects that quenched the thirst of its viewers.

After the success of YAN UWAN JUNA and DINYAR MAKAHO, ASMASAN PICTURES bounced back with a detective piece KISAN GILLA. Featuring Al’ameen Buhari, Hadiza Ali Gabon, Hadiza Ahmad, Rahama Sadau, Bello Muhammad Bello, Abdu Boda and above all Sadiq Sani Sadiq in a unique avatar.

Hadiza Gabon is from an affluent family love and adore by her parents who are ready to go to any extent to protect her whenever the need arises. She’s in love with a guy (Abdu Boda) who hides behind love and seizes the opportunity to have her body instead of heart. Bello Muhammad Bello on the other hand is a longtime admirer of the subject (Hadiza Gabon) but her heart is far gone to someone else. This pressure pushes him to the wall and made some awful utterances to kill her.

After a while, she’s found dead in her bed, the autopsy shows that she was murdered with a three month old pregnancy. This left her parents and the police detectives with multiple questions of who is responsible for the pregnancy, murder and why? All these questions will be answered in KISAN GILLA.

The movie KISAN GILLA will come with new theatrical techniques as the Director of Photography is a former BBC veteran cameraman Murtala Balala, and directed by the eloquent director Malam Aminu Saira.

Furthermore, the scripting provides the viewer with a new concept of interrogating suspect, interviewing witnesses and the cultivation of network informants as well as stand up evidence which will lead to confession by the suspect. We’ve equally seen from the trailer, the detective (Sadiq Sani Sadiq) putting a physical and psychological pressure on the suspect into admission and confession of a crime being investigated for. Did he confess? How the detective get to the bottom of it? Find out in KISAN GILLA.

Written by: Nura Abubakar
Twitter @Noorer
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Kisan Gilla Preview

AREWA24 Kundin Kannywood host Nura Hussain talks with Usman Mu'azu as they go over Kisan Gilla. Ends at around 9:35

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