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Sadiq Sani Sadiq

Occupation: Actor
Born February 2nd, 1981 (Age: 43 years old)
Spouse: Murja Shehu Shema 1)2)3)
Years active: 20044)
Social media Instagram: saddiqsanisaddiq

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Sadiq Sani Sadiq Profiled by Leadership

Sat, 05/01/2013 - 2:31am | MAIRO MUDI

Sani Sadiq is one actor that has carved a niche for himself in the Hausa film industry popularly known as Kannywood. He is presently one of the most sort after actor in Kannywood so much that his moves are widely regarded as ‘livre a success’. Mairo Mudi took a day off with Sani Sadiq at two different locations within Kano, where she watched him on set and listened to him as he lays it bare.

Sani Sadiq sat in an office setting, where a make-up artiste worked on him At Gidan Danasabe Zoo road Kano, the location for a movie titled Zuciya Na So. The actor was relaxed in his chat with LEADERSHIP WEEKEND on set, as all other members of the movie crew watch on. He smiled as he looked into the mirror obviously satisfied with what he saw, which indicates his readiness to spring into action.

Almost immediately the director of the film started giving orders for everyone to get to work. It was really amazing watching Sadiq deliver his lines without flaws or interruption from the director. At the end of the scene everyone was impressed as he was loudly applauded.

LEADERSHIP WEEKEND followed Sadiq to another location at Green Park, Ahmadu Bello Road in Kano and savoured the moment with him and his crew at the second location. Even though it was already nightfall, the lighting was so bright that one could pick a needle from the floor.

This was in another scene, where the actor is expected to dance with another actress Maryam Baban Yaro as she is popularly known. They were both costumed and made up as other crew members set the scene. He came out dressed in a trousers and T-shirt, which could have passed for a Hausa attire. A background music which Sadiq mimed introduced the scene as they both danced to the music.

After that scene, Sadiq explained the significance of the musical scene to the cultural development of Hausa tradition, which the movie seeks to promote. “Music in Hausa culture is very important and we all know that even our great grandparents grew up with music. But the only issue I will like our critics to understand is that culture is dynamic. We need to evolve with time, so playing any kind of music in our films should not be seen as adulterating Hausa culture.”

Sadiq who has featured in a lot of movies including Maryam Diyana, Adamsy and Yan Uwan Juna that shot him to limelight claimed that Danmarayan Zaki is his best film from both technical and professional point of view.

On why he has become the most sort after actor in the industry, Sadiq smiled and unassumingly said it was the will of God for him to be the man of the moment pending when someone else will take over the honours. “I have said it is just time because I have been in the industry for a long time now but I am now suddenly the person everyone wants to watch in the movie. I am most grateful to God for this favour.”

While expressing his gratitude to God for giving him a profession that makes him comfortable in life, Sadiq said he started acting about eight years ago and was born in Jos 32 years ago to the family of Mallam Sani Maimanja and Asma’u Hassan Kafinta. He had his education in Jos before moving to Kano to take up an acting career.

The actor who has eight younger siblings said he is getting married to his heartthrob, a native of Katsina state on the 23rd February.

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