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Blood and Henna

Directed by Kenneth H. Gyang
Produced by Kenneth H. Gyang, nura akilu, Ali Nuhu
Starring Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Nafisat Abdullahi, Carmen McCain
Language Hausa with English subtitles
Executive Producer Ibrahim Buba
First Assistant Director Ikechukwu Omenaihe
Writers Kenneth Gyang, Nura Akilu
Director of Photography Ifeanyi Iloduba
Sound Jonathan Joseph
Editor Abduljabbar Ahmed
Production Company Newage Network
Running time 105 mins


A film inspired by the 1996 Pfizer Clinical Test in Kano, Nigeria.

Nigeria, early 90s. Musa comes back to his village after his shop has been burnt in Lagos as a result of protests surrounding the military’s two-party system. Back home, he re-unites with his two friends, especiallyShehu, a radical reporter on the run from the military’s crackdown on journalists.

Musa meets and falls in love with Saude whose father is the richest farmer in the village. Saude gives birth to twins who grow up into real adorable kids until a meningitis outbreak threatens to breakup the family’s happiness…


AlJazeera English: Nigerian Pfizer victims' compensation fears

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