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Noor (The Light)

Synopsis from Prof. Adamu is of the Department of Mass Communications, Bayero University, Kano via Blueprint News

A medical student, Nura (Umar Gombe), falls in love with one of the most beautiful girls on campus, Mallika (Maryam Aliyu). A chance encounter makes them friends and they start dating. She projects an image of piety and uprightness as she keeps admonishing him on salient aspects of his behaviour not in conformity with strict Islam doctrsxc (e.g. listening to loud pop music instead of Islamic preaching, wearing jeans and shirts on Fridays, instead of dressing in a proper Muslim way considering the holiness of the day to Muslims). His friends warn him to keep away from her, but without telling him why. He discovers the reason when he sees her accepting gifts from another boy (Abba El-Mustapha) in the latter’s car. He becomes devastated and enters a virtual comatose state feeling of betrayal and is comforted by his former girlfriend’s hostel mate (Huma), who often passes his messages to Mallika. Although he eventually comes to like Huma, he only perceives her as a platonic friend – a fact not lost on her since she does not openly show her interest in him (although secretly she likes him, enough to carry his picture with her around). Eventually, however, she draws him out of his shell far enough for him to fall in love with her and to ask her to marry him. It is when the time for the betrothal that a devastating truth about Huma is revealed that would have consequences for the marriage.

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