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Wani Gari

Won the Movie of the Year at the 2013 Kannywood awards thanks to its wonderful cast.1) Written by Yakubu M Kumo, directed by Yaseen Auwal, WANI GARI is the first kannywood movie to utilise and explore its village settings since Tsangaya. It features many characters, each of which is marvellously distinct and well-crafted. Each of them has his own style, tone and character design but at no any time do any of them clash or fight one another- instead they all come playfully and make for great moments. Its swearing to authenticity allows it to send its narratives to fantastic heights without seeming phony. There is never a dull moment in WANI GARI especially when Sadiq Sani Sadiq is on screen, and he is on screen a lot. It takes each joke, each moment and builds on it to push its story and characters further. That it addresses the whole topic of inheritance and that it may also teach children, and perhaps remind grown-ups what it truly means to be honest, honourable, loyal and fair is a bonus in its sweetly laid-back way. 2)

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