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Ni Da Ke Mun Dace

ni_da_ke_mun_dace.jpg Released 2013
Directed by Ali Nuhu
Produced by FKD Production
Starring Adam A. Zango, Fati Ladan
Language Hausa

  • The shoot of FKD's NI DA KE MUN DACE commences tmrow Mon 25th March 2013 In Shaa Allah. -Ali Nuhu
  • Ta makantar da idanu na soyayya, Ta sa bana ji kuma bani ganin hanya, Yau na tabbata ni da ke mun dace. - @AliNuhu tweet 12:39 PM - 11 Mar 13
  • 1st look of ADAM A ZANGO in “NI DA KE MUN DACE”… -Ali Nuhutweet 12:39 PM - 11 Mar 13
  • Masha Allah, we succesfully completed the shoot of NI DA KE MUN DACE….. - @AliNuhu tweet 5:03 PM - 3 Apr 13


After the recent successes of SAI WATA RANA, ADAMSY, MADUBIN DUBAWA and ZURI’A, FKD Production, an icon credited with many of the Kannywood most distinctive romances and family dramas return with another gorgeous movie with epic awesomeness, NI DAKE MUN DACE.

NI DAKE MUN DACE stars warm and expressive Adam A Zango with charismatic Fati Ladan in convincing vulnerability and ever-present Ali Nuhu in top of his usual screen presence. Being a typical movie, NI DAKE MUN DACE has freshness and passion fueled by its wonderful cinematography, costumes and sets; energized by exciting romantic songs, thrillingly choreographed by Ali Nuhu with surprising sensuality. NI DAKE MUN DACE is sure to raise the stakes in Kannywood to potentially explosive level.

Music comes from the heart, so does love. Abbas (Adam A Zango) is an optimistic young chap with sad past who is nursing a musical career comes across Raliya (Fati Ladan), the naive daughter of tycoon. Soon they fall in love and hold the dream of having a bliss future.

Raliya’s father is a rigid tycoon who not only sees love as a mere fictitious character but also as a threat that can offer reasonable resistance in implementing what he feels is more comfortable for his children. Raliya’s dream received a major setback when her father suggest another guy he feels more more suitable for her, should she follow her father at the expense of the love that has penetrated every vein in her or her heart at the expense of disobeying her father that she never disobeyed? Both situations have serious emotional repercussions. Abbas and Raliya’s world is getting turned upside-down and inside-out. The Whizkid director unfolds the over-the-top emotional saga.

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