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Morell was born Musa Akilah, Morell is a northern Nigerian music artist whose unique rnb sound has led to him share the same stage as some of the biggest international hip-hop artists such as Sean Kingston and Kanye West and collaborated with Wale. An artist signed under Nordan Ortty.

A Borno state native, Morell’s extensive list of collaborations and hard work has quickly carved him into one of the most popular Nigerian singer/rapper combinations. His musical journey began at a young age, through his creative construction of lyrics he was able to develop the very unique and fresh sound early, which has made him so popular. The passion and love he has for music is evident when listening to how he develops the combination of musical genres. Over the years, his musical projects have often been a reflection of everything in his life, from personal experiences to the challenges he has faced and even his family.

Despite being popular, Morell still believes there are a significant amount of boundaries he can push musically. With more music to come you can expect, as always, fans are anticipating progress and quality from the ever-evolving artist. Crediting his inspirations as Michael Jackson, Akon, Wyclef Jean and Jay-Z Morell has certainly earned his position as one of Nigeria’s most promising musical stars.


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