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Abubakar Baballe Hayatu

Born Abubakar Baballe Hayatu August 11th1)
Occupation Actor

Abubakar Hayatu (Baballe) was born in Giginyu Quarters in Kano and studied at Giginyu Primary School, Kawaji Secondary School and College of Arts and Remedial Studies (CARS). He then went to Bayero University Kano where he did major in Political Science and did his National Service in Anambra State.

Though Baballe Hayatu begins his carrier as a Costumier, he later became a huge super star in Kannywood with films like Abin Sirrine and Aya. He has also taken some time off but recently came back with films such as Surkulle and Koren Ganye.

A versatile actor that plays multiple roles, he is also known for his dancing flair.

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