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Adam A. Zango

Occupation Actor
Born Adamu Abdullahi on October 11) in Zango, Katsina State, Nigeria2)
Social: @princeazango, Adam A. Zango on Instagram (photos/hotuna), YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook

Adam A. Zango Images

Personal Life

  • Adam A. Zango is a popular Hausa actor who stems from Zango, Nigeria and appears in many Hausa films. He's married with 2 kids. Aside from making films and singing, he also farms.
  • Adam A. Zango was sent to prison for three months in 2007 for release of his music video album Bahaushiya 3)
  • Adam A. Zango went on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca 2015.



Adam Zango, a natural legend By Imam Younus

via: Development Post May 20, 2016

While many celebrities in the Kannywood industry struggles to create an impact in the film industry, Adam Zango popularly called ‘Usher’ do not need to go that extra mile as he was born an actor with great talents in Music and acting.

Adam Zango started as a Musician and gradually he triumph in to becoming one of northern best hip-Hop Hausa singer. He mix the western ‘swag’ with the natural northern cultural dance in his music.

He is popular and very attractive.

According to some Kannywood fans and actors, Adam A. Zango is the delight to many celebrities in the industry.

Movies produced from the stable of Zango productions seems to make a hit all through it reigns’. His friend and producer Falalu Dorayi said “Adam Zango is one personality that cannot be compared in the industry. He is humble, calm and very articulate in ideas.”

Mansur Make–up, Horo Dan mama and many others will rather put his pictures as there recognition image than use theirs on their social media pages because of the love they have for Adam.

Kannywood Producer, Uzee concept, said Adam is one actor that when you meet him you will want to meet him a second time.

His new Album ‘Mailaya’ was a classic one this moment. Very entertaining and revealing.

One of his super classic movie of 2015, HINDU, got nominated 11 times in the rececnt Kannywood Awards, it got 6 awards.

His acting in Hindu was one that has never been done in the history of the Kannywood.

Adam Zango acted beside a relatively new actress in the Industry, Umma Shehu in a film called Sa’in’sa, a film that won the new actress The City People Award in 2014.

According to Umma Shehu acting beside Adam was an opportunity for her to shine and she made a great outing.

Adam has every reason to respect his colleagues, he said. Although not quite smooth at some point, Adam Zango barely call Ali Nuhu by his name because of his humility. He rather call him Oga Sir, or Yallabai. The duo were recipients of the 2016 African awards in London.

Relationship with Nafisat Abdullahi

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