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Directed by Aminu Saira
Produced by tma_productions
Starring Ali Nuhu, Rahama Hassan
Written by Ibrahim Bimawa
Language Hausa
Running time 2:51:46


The daughter of a king (Rahama Hassan) is pressured to get married. The king brought over the son of another king for his daughter to meet but she didn't like him and thus she disrespected him. She was then giving a deadline to find a husband on her own or else one will be arranged for her. Ali Nuhu's character, a slave was brought into the King's palace. He appears to be different from other slaves. He fell in love with the princess and disclosed it to her which she took as shocking and disrespectful, the thought of a princess like her marrying a mere slave was ridiculous. Meanwhile, Ali Nuhu met an elder slave whom they shared each other's history with. Turned out, the old man used to work at another palace. Where the king there had 2 sons which he loved and wanted to treat equally. One was adopted which the Queen hated and the other son was jealous of the adopted one. The adopted son got lost and the King was in distraught ever since. Turned out the adopted son is Ali Nuhu. In the end, Ali Nuhu was reunited with his father who gave him the Kingship and he and the princess wounded up with each other.



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