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List of Hausa Actors, Actresses, Directors, Producers...

Here you'll find a running list (work-in-progress) of all involved in making Hausa films. Realize what a daunting task this is so to make the list as “complete” as possible, we'll need some help. If you're a fan of Hausa films or just want to contribute, you can easily sign up, log in, and start adding and editing this list. Your contributions are greatly be appreciated!

Actors | Actresses | Directors (Masu bada umarni) | Producers (Masu shiryawa) | Writers (Marubutai) | Musicians (Mawakan Hausa)

Filtered by occupation=Actor

Photo NameOccupation(s)
img: salisu_s_fulani.jpgsalisu_fulaniActor
img: tijjani_asase.jpgTijjani AsaseActor, Producer
img: auwalu_muhammed_danlarabawa.jpgAuwalu Muhammed DanlarabawaProducer, Actor, Director
img: ziriums.jpgNazir Ahmed Hausawa (Ziriums)Sound Engineer, Musician, Producer, Actor
img: mansoor_saddiq.jpgMansoor SaddiqDirector, Actor
img: ishaq_sidi_ishaq.jpgIshaq Sidi IshaqDirector, Actor
img: zahraddeen_sani.jpgZahraddeen SaniActor
yusuf_b_chineduActor, Comedian
Usman Baba Pategi (Samanja)Actor
img: umar_gombe.jpgUmar GombeActor
img: tijjani_faraga.jpgTijjani FaragaActor
img: tanimu_akawu.jpgTanimu AkawuActor
Tahir FaggeActor
img: actor-tyshaban.jpgt._y._shabanActor, Musician
img: shuaibu_lawan.jpgShuaibu Lawan KumurciActor
img: shehu_hassan.jpgShehu Hassan KanoActor
img: sani_muazu.jpgsani_mu_azuDirector, Producer, Actor
img: actor-sanidanja.jpgSani DanjaActor, Musician
img: sadisu_abba_sawaba.jpgSadisu Abba SawabaActor
img: sadiq-sani-sadiq.jpgSadiq Sani SadiqActor
img: sadiq_ahmad.jpgSadiq AhmadActor
img: ramadan_booth.jpgramadan_boothActor
img: rabiu_rikadawa.jpgRabi’u RikadawaActor
img: dan_ibro.jpgDan IbroActor, Comedian
img: nura_hussain.jpgNura HussainActor, TV Show Host
img: nuhu_abdullahi.jpgNuhu AbdullahiActor
img: mustapha_musty.jpgMustapha MustyActor
img: muhammad_sani_idris_moda.jpgMuhammad Sani IdrisActor
img: lawanahmed.jpgLawan AhmedActor
img: kabiru_nakwango.jpgKabiru NakwangoActor
img: isah_feroz_khan.jpgisah_feroz_khanActor
img: hausa_actor_isa_bello_ja.jpgIsa Bello JaActor
img: actor-ibrahimmaishunku.jpgIbrahim MaishunkuActor
img: ibrahim-daddy-225x300.jpgIbrahim DaddyActor
img: hamisu_iyantama.jpgHamisu Lamido IyantamaActor, Producer, Director
img: daushe.jpgRabiu DausheActor
img: bushkiddo_screen_shot_2017-02-12_at_4.59.10_am.pngBushkiddoSketch Comedy Actor, Comedian, Actor
img: bashir_nayaya.pngBashir NayayaActor
img: baban_chinedu.jpgBaban ChineduComedian, Actor
img: audu_kano_karkuzu.pngaudu_kano_karkuzuActor
img: actor-aminushariff.jpgAminu ShariffActor, TV Show Host
img: baba_ari.jpgAminu Baba AriActor, Comedian
img: ali_nuhu.jpgAli NuhuActor, Director
img: al-amin_buhari.jpgAl-Amin BuhariActor
img: adamazango.jpgAdam A. ZangoActor
img: abubakar-dan-auta.jpgAbubakar Dan AutaActor, Comedian
img: baballe_hayatu.jpgAbubakar Baballe HayatuActor, Producer
img: abdullahi4real.jpgAbdullahi 4realActor
img: abdul_m_sharif.jpgAbdul M ShariffActor
img: abbas_sadiq.jpgAbbas SadiqActor, Director, Producer
img: abba_m_yusuf.jpgAbba M. YusufActor, Producer
img: abba_el_mustapha.jpgAbba El-MustaphaActor


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